Book Title Author Call Number Subject
1776 McCullough 923.5MCC Revolutionary War
A First Hagadah Kustanawitz, Foont  295.4/KUS Judaism
A Great Improvization (Franklin in France) Schiff 92/FRA Franklin
A History of God Karen Armstrong 202.1 ARM Reference
A Land Remembered Patricia D. Smith 813.54 SMI Florida
A New Encyclopedia Waite R 366 M00 WAI Reference
A Novel Burr Gore Vidal F VID Fiction
A Pilgrims Path Robinson 366/M10/Rob Freemasonry
Alexander Hamilton Chernow 973CHE Hamilton
All The Women of The Bible Edith Deen 220.92 DEA Religion
All Ther Women of the Bible M. L. Del Mastro 220.92 MAS Religion
American Caesar Mann 900 MAN Biography
American Cesar (Douglas McArthur) William Manchester 92 Man Biography
American Creation Ellis 900 ELL Am History
American Folklore and Legend Readers Digest 398.2 REA Am History
American Freemasons Mark A Tabbert 366 M 1 TAB Masonry
American General John S. D. Eisenhower 355. EIS Biography Eisenhower
American Lion (T. Roosevelt) D.McCulloch 923.5MCC Bio Roosevelt
American Sniper Kyle Smith 956.7 KYL War Middle East
American Sphinx Joseph Ellis 973.4 ELL Thomas Jefferson
American's Favorite Poems Edited by Robt Pinsky 808.81 PIN Literature American
An American Journey Lewis and Clark Daniel B Thorp 917.8 THO History Lewis and Clark
An Experiment of Treaon Briuce Alexander 813.54 ALE Burr History
Ancient Mesopotamia at the Dawn of Civilization Guillermo Algaze 307.7 ALG World History
Angels and Demons D. Brown F/ Bro Fiction
Arthur Conan Doyle (A Life In Letters Arthur Conan Doyle 823.8 DOY History 
As Thousands Cheer  ( Irving Berlin) Laurence Bergreen 782.1 BER Biography
Band Of Brothers  Stephen E. Ambros 940.54 AMB WWII History
Bartletts Quotations Bartlett 802.2 BAR Reference
Battle Crry Of Freedom James M. Mcphereson 973.3 Civil War Era
Ben Franklin Isaacson 973 ISA Bio History
Best Little Stories From the Revolutinary War Brian Kelly 973.3 KEL Signed
Bhagavad-Gita  (Spanish) A.C. Bhaktivedanta  294.59 Par Religion
Biblical Characters In Freemasonry John H. Van Gorden 366 M13 VAN Freemasonry
Birds of Prey Wilbur Smith F SMI Pirate/Templar Order
Blaze of Glory Jeff Shaara F SHA Civil War
Blood Line l James Rollins F ROL Fiction
Blood Line of The Holy Grail Gardner 366 M10 GAR Freemasonry
Book of Mormon Mormon  R. 200 Mor Religion
Boone Robert Morgan 976.9 Mor Hiostory
Born In Blood J. Robionson 366.1 Rob Freemasonry
Brave Companions David McCullough 920.073 McC Paperback history
Builders of the Ancient World National Geog 624.09 Natl GEO History
Buzz Aldrin Mission to Mars Buzz Aldrin 629.45 ALD History Palm Beach
Character (Profiles in Presidential Courage) Chris Wallace 973.09 WAL History
Chicken Soup for the Soul Canfield 158.12 Can Reflection
Christoper Columbus  The Last Templar Ruggero Marino 970.01 MAR History Columbus Templar
Churchill  A Biography Roy Jenkins 941.08 JEN Churchill
Cincinatus McClure &Steven F McC History 
Classic Bible Stories for Jewish Children Kolatch 271.9 Kol Judaism
Classic Literature Bernard Knox 880.9 KNO Early Lit
Clausens Commentaries Clausen SRSJ R. 366 M14 CLA Freemasonry S.R.
Codex 632 Jose Rodriguies Dos Santos F ROD Novel Columbus
Coils Encyclopedia Coil R 366 M00 COI Freemasonry Reference
Col Roosevelt  (T. Roosevelt Morris 92 Mor Bio Roosevelt
Collecterd Prestonial Lectures 1925 - 1960 Henry Carr 366 M10.4 CAR Freemasonry
Columbus Laurence Bergreen 970.01 BER Bio History
Commander Will Cushing Jamie Malanowski 973.7 MAL History 
Complete Works of William Shakespeare Wells & Taylor 822.3 WEL Literature English
Comprehensive View of Freemasonry Henry Wilson Coil 366 M13 COI History Freemasonry
Conspiracies and Secret Societies Brad Steiger 1.93 Conspiracies
Constatines Sword James Carroll 266 CAR Religion 
Constitution of the GrandLodge of FAM Phillipines Cournell 366 M30 Cou Freemasonry GLFL
Coral Castle  Maclure and Heffron 751.42 McC Florida History
Cracking The Davinci Code Garlow & Jones 813.54 GAR Fiction
Crusade Against the Grail Otto RAHN 272.3 RAH Religion Crusade
CS Lewis Quotations CS Lewis R  400 CSL Religion
Custer's Trials T. J. Stiles 973.8 Sti History
D. Day Stephen E. Ambros 940.45 AMB WWII History
Daniel Boone John Mack Faragher 976.9 far History
Davinci Code D. Brown F/ Bro Fiction
Death In The Everglades Stuart B. McIver 975.9 McI Fl History
Deception Point Dan Brown F Bro Fiction
Digital Fortress Dan Brown F BRO Fiction
Don't Know Much About American History Kenneth C. Davis   History American
Dungeon Fire and Sword Robinson 366/M10/Rob Freemasonry
Dynamic Freedoms Henry Clausen 366 M60 CLA History
Edgar Allen Poe A Critical Biography Arthur H. Quinn 818.3 QUI Biography Poe
Elizabeth and Phillip Charles Highham 941.08 HIG History 
Elizabeth Virgin Queen Phillapa Jones 942,05 JON British History
Emily Post Etiquette 15th Edition Elizabeth Post 395. Pos Sociology
Encarta Quotations Microsoft R 400 Mic Reference
Encyclopedia of Celtic Wisdom Caitlin and John Matrhews  299.1 Mat Reference Irish
Ernest Borgnine Borgnine 92/Bor Bio Borgnine
Essential Tibetan Buddhism Robert A.F. Thurman 294.3 THU Religion
Eyewitness On Omaha Beach Harold Baumgarten  940.54 BAU Signed History
Facts for Freemasons Macoy 366/M66/ Mac Freemasonry
Fallen Founder Nancy Senberg 92 Burr SEN Burr History
Famous Masons and Masonic Presidents Haywood 366 M 05 HAY Masonry
Famous Masons and Masonic Presidents  Haywood 366 M00 HAY Freemasonry
Fiat Lux Edited By Jack Buta  366. BUT Freemasonry
Florida Parks Gerald Grow 975.9 GRO History Florida
Founding Brothers Joseph Ellis 973.4 Ell History Freemasonry
Founding Brothers J. Ellis 973.4 ELL History Freemasonry
Founding Father George Washington Richard Brookhiser 973.4 Bro Washington
Founding Fathers Secret Society Hieronomous 366/M10 Hie History Freemasonry
Founding Mothers C. Roberts 973/3 Rob History 
Franklin The Essential  Founding Father James Srodes 973.3 SRO History Franklin
Free From Restraint Lewi E Kittell F KIT Fiction
Freemason  Morgan 366/M10/Mor Freemasonry
Freemasonry  A Celebration of the Craft Hamill and Gilbert 366 M 10 HAM Freemasonry
Freemasonry and It's Etiquette Campbell 366 M20 CAM Freemasonry
Freemasonry in the Thirteen Colonies JH Tutch 366 M10 TUT Freemasonry History
Freemasons Driver 366/M10/Dri Freemasonry
Freemasons for Amity and Duty   366 M13  Freemasonry
Genesis of the Grail Kings Gardener 366 M10 Gar Freemasonry History
George Washington Secret 6 Kilmech 900 KIL History Am. Revolution
George Washington's Secret Navy James L Nelson 973.3 NEL History Em. Revolution
George Wqashington Autobiography  Edith Ellis 973.3 ELL WAS Auto Biography
Gettysburg  Newt Gingrich William R. Forstchen 813.6 GIN FOR Paperback
Gettysburg July 1   900 History  America
Gieusepe Garibaldi Dr. Benedict LiPira 92 LiP Biog
Gods and Generals Shara F/ SHA History 
Gods and Genrals Schiff F200 History
God's Church Henry Flaglers Legacy Sandra Thompson 975.9 THO History Florida
Goulds Encyclopedia Gould R 366 M10 Gou Reference Freemasonry
Grand Lodge of Florida  Proceedings  1887 - 2009 R 366 M30 Glof F Freemasonry
Grant Takes Command Catton 973.73 cat History
Greek Legends and Stories Seton Williams 398.2 Wil History Ancient
Hadrian  Anthony Everett 937.0 EVE History Ancient
Hartford (Images of America) Vol I, II Faude (Series)  974 Fau History
Harvey Pennick (Little Red Book) Pennick 700 PEN Golf
Hebrew Prayer Book Siddinb Sim Shalome  296.3 TRA Judaism
Heredom  Book of Words SRRS 366 M13 SRRS Scottish Rite Research
Heredom Vol 22 SRSJ 366 M10 V 22 Scottish Rite Research
HEREDOM Vol 23 2015 SRRS  SRRS 366 M 10 V 23 Scottish Rite Research
Heredom Vol 7 1998 SRRS 366 M13 SRRS V7 Scottish Rite Research
Heredom Vol 8 1998 SRRS 366 M13 SRRS V8 Scottish Rite Research
Heros For My Son Brad Meltzer 920.02 Mel Autographed
High Holiday Prayer Book Rabbi Moris Silverman 242.4 SIL Judaism
Hiram Key Lomas 366/M10 /Lom Freemasonry
Hiroshima John Hersey 940.54 HER History  WWII
His Excellency  (G. Washington) Joseph J. Ellis 973.4 ELL Bio Washington
History of Art Jansen R 709/Jan Reference Art
History of Masonry   366/M10 / Freemasonry
History of the Lake Worth Scottish Rite 1918 -1959 Valley Of lake Worth 366 M14.6  Freemasonry History
History of The Supreme Council SRSJ 366/ SRSJ Freemasonry History
Holy Bible Holman 200 HOL Religion Christian 
Holy Blood Holy Grail Baigent 366 M10 BAI History Freemasonry
Honest Answers to your Jewish Questions Sharon G. Forman 246 For Judaism
House Divided Allen E Roberts 366 M17 Rob Freemasonry Civil War
In Harms Way   (USS Indianapolis) Doug Stanton 940.54 STA WWII History
In the Greatest Solemn Dignity George White 725.11/Whi Freemasonry History
Index od Garden Plants Mark Griffiths 635 GRI Royal Horticultural Society
Inferno D. Bro F/ Bro Fiction
Inferno Dan Brown F Bro Fiction
Inside the Brotherhood Martin Short 366.1 MAR History Nm. Revolution
Inventing the Middle Ages Norman F. Cantor 940.1 CAN Middle Ages
IS IT True What they Say About Freemasonry Art DeHoyos & Brent Morris 366 M19 DEH Freemasonry Anti Masonry
It Doesn't Take A Hero Auto Bio of Gen H Norman Schwartzkoph Schwartzkoph / Petre 355. SCH Freemasonry History
J. Edgar Hoover Gentry 92/ HOO  Biography 
James Madison  The Founding Father Robt. Allen Rutland 973.5 RUT Bio History
Jefferson and Madison  Adrienne Koch 973.4/6/0924 KOC History
Jesus Papers Baigent 366 M10 BAI Religion 
Joan of Arc Kathry Harrison 944.02 Har Joan of Arc
Job Charles R. Swindoll 223. Swi Religion
John Adams D. McCulloch 973.4MCC History Om. Revolution
John Glenn A Memoir Large Print John Glenn with Taylor 973.2 GLE Freemasonry History
John Wayne Scott Eyman  92 Wayne EYM Biography
Johnny Tremain Esther Forbes F For Fiction Am Rev
Josephus Josephus R 200 JOS Religion History
Josephus The Complete Works Josephus 923.2 WHI History Revolution
Journey on The Level Owen Shieh 366 M54 SHI Freemasonry
Jurisprudence of Freemasonry Mackey 366 M30 MAC Freemasonry
Kabbalah Gershom Scholem 296.65 SCH Religion
Killing Jesus O Reilly 232 / Ore History Religion
Killing Lincoln Bill OReilly 973.7 Ore History America
Killing Patton Bill OReilly 355.00 Ore History America
King Solomon's Temple in the Mas Tradition  Horn 366/M10/Hor Freemasonry History
Kipling (Complete) Kipling 500 KIP Literature English
Knights of the Black and White Jack Whyte F WHY Fiction
Last of the Mohicans James Fenimore Cooper F COO Literature Fiction
Last Train To Paradise Les S. Ford 975. FOR Fl History
Lexicon of Freemasonry Albert Mackey 366.1 MAC Freemasonry
Life and Death on The Loxahatchee James D. Snyder 590.7 Sny History Florida
Lincoln David H. Donald 973.7 DON History
Lincoln  (His Life and Times TIME 973.7 TIM Time
Lindbergh A Scott Berg 92 BER BIO
Little Masonic Library  5Volumes (I, II, III, IV, V) Macoy Publishing 366 M 05 MAC Masonic Library Coll.
Lodge of the Double Headed Eagle Fox 366 M16 Fox Freemasonry History
Lost Books of the Bible  Hone 229 Hon Religion Gnostics
Lost Symbol Dan Brown F BRO Fiction 
Mackeys Encyclopedia Mackey  AL- MZ R. 366 M10 Mac Freemasonry Reference
Mackey's Jurisprudence  Mackey 366 M 30 MAC Masosnry
Mackeys Revised  Encyclopedia Mackey  AL- MZ R 366 M00 Mac Freemasonry Reference
Mackey's Symbolism of Freemasonry Mackey   366 M11 MAC Masonry
Magdalene Legacy Laurence Gardner 232.9 Religion 
MAGS The People Part of Prepping Charley Hogwood 371 HOG Signed
Majesty  ( Elizabeth and House of Wind Robert Lacey 941.08 LAC History 
Masonic Americana Stories and Fraternal Patriots   366 M10  Freemasonry History
Masonic Life and Swervices  Joseph Robbins 366 M10 ROB History  Revolution
Masonic Philantropies S. Brent Morris 366 M40 MOR Freemasonry
Masonic Quiz Book Peterson 366 M60 Pet History  Revolution
Masonic Soldiers of Fortune  (Masonic Soldiers AM REV) Stewart 366 M10 STE Freemasonry History
Masonic Tombstones and Masonic Secrets Paul Rich 366.10 RIC Freemasonry History
Masonry and the Flag MSA  366.11 MSA Freemasonry
Masons who Helped Shape  SRSJ R 366 M04 SRS History Revolution
Math and The Mona Lisa Alolay 709.2 ALO Math
Mayflower Nathan Philbrick 973/2 PHI History 
Miami A Saga Evelyn Wilde Mayerson 813.54 MAY Florida
Misquoting Jesus Basrt D Ehrman 225.4 EHR Religion
Morals and Dogma Pike SRSJ R. 366 M14 PIK History Freemasonry SR
Morals and Dogma Albert  Pike 366 M 11 Pik Freemasonry
Morning On Horseback David McCullough 979.91 McC History
Mornings On Horseback Theodore Roosevelt  David McCullolugh 973.9McC History
Moses A Man and his Vision David Daiches 222.1 DAI Religion
Mozart the Freemason Jacques Henry 780.92 HEN Bio Mozart Freemason
Myths of Ancient Greece and Rome John Holdren Editor 292.13 HOL Asncient History
No Certain Rest Jim Lehrer F 813,4 LEH Fiction Civil War
Nostradamus The Man Who Saw Thru Time Lee McCann 813.5 McC Historical
Nothing Like It In The World Stephen Ambrose 385 AMB History
Nothing Like It In The World Stephen Ambrose 385 AMB History
Official and Confid. J E Hoover Anthony Summers 92 Sum Biography
Palm Beach Babylon Murray Weiss/ Hoffman 975.9 WEI History Palm Beach
Parade to Glory  The Story of Shriners and Their Philanthropy              Fred Van Deventer  366 M76 Dev Freemasonry History
Patriots of the American Revolution Dor 917/ Dor  History
Paul Revere's Ride David H Fischer 973.3 FIS  History Mason
Pearl Buck in China Hilary Spurling 813.52 SPU Literature
Personal Reflections of an Historian  To America Stephen Ambrose 973 AMB History
Pilgrims Path Robnson 366 M10 ROB History Freemasonry
Pillars of the Earth Ken Follett F FOL Fiction
Pillars of the Earth Ken Follett F FOL Fiction
Pioneer Life in Southeast Florida Charles W. Pierre 975.9PIE Fl History
Poetry for Dummies John Timpane 801,8 TIM Literature Poetry
Reagan Diaries Douglas Brinkley 973.9 BRI History
Rebel Yell C.S. Gwynne 973.7 GWY History Civil War
Red Grass River James Carlos Blake 813.4 BLA Florida History
Religion for Dummies   200 REL Religion
Return To Sodom and Gomorrah Charles Pellegrino 220.9 PEL Religion
Revolitionary Brotherhood Steven C. Bullock 366.1 Bull History Freemasonry
Revolutionary Spies Tim Mc Neese 327 McN Revolutionary War Spies
Robert Frost Selected Poems Robert Frost 811.5 FRO Poetry
Robert Frost Selrcted Poems Robert Frost 811.52 FRO Poetry
Robert Schuler My Journey Robert Schuler 285.7 SCH  Religion Autographed
Rough Crossing Simon Schama 362. SCH Signed
Saint Joseph Daily Missal Catholic Publishing 200 Cat Religion
Sam Houston John Hoyt Williams 976.4Wil Bio History 
SARATOGA Ricdhard M. Ketchum 973.3 KET Revolutionary War
Scottish Rite Masonry Illustrated Vols I, II Scottish Rite Commande 366 SR Vol 1 Vol2 2 Volumes 1944
Secrecy and Power J. Edgar Hjoover Richard G. powers 92 POW Biography
Secrets of Freemasonry Bradley 366 M10 BRA Freemasonry
Secrets of the Freemasons Michael Bradley 366 M30 BRA Freemasonry
Secrets of the Widows Son Schugart 366/M10/Sch Freemasonry 
Secrets of the Widow's Son David A Shugarts 813.54 SHU Freemasonry 
Sgt Reckless Robin Hutton 951.904 HUT History
Showdown with Nuclear Iran Michael D. Evans 327.1 EVA History  Middle East
Signers of the Constitution of the US MBC 366 M13 MBC History
Silent Cities, Sacred Stones Landay 082.4 LAN Philosophy 
Simon Shuster Book of the Opera   782.1 Sim  The Arts
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Stories Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 823 Literature
So You're Going to Wear the Kilt J. Charles Thomp[son 391. Tho Social Science
Solomon's Builders Hodapu 366/M10/Hod Freemasonry History
Solomons Pawn Brokers Knight 366M10 KNI Freemasonry 
Son of Morning Star Custer and the Little Bighorn Evan S Connell 973.8 Con Illustrated Edition
Stories in Stone   366/M46/ Freemasonry
T R The Last Romantic H. W. Brands 973.9 Bra Teddy Roosevelt
Tales of Old Florida Castle 917.59/Cas History Florida
Ted Williams Leigh Montville B Wil Bio
The 100 Most Imp. Events in Christiaity A. Kennedy Curtis, Lang, Petersen 270.2 Cur Christianity Religion
The 8 Wilderness Disc. Books J. Muir 333.7 MUI John Muir
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain F TWA Literature
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain F TWA Lit Classic
The American Patriot's Almanac Bennett, Cribb 973 BEN History  Reference
The American Sphinx Joseph Ellis 973.4 ELL Bio Jackson
The Band Played On Steven Turner 910.9 TUR  History Titanic
The Better Angels of Our Nation Michael Hollaran 973.7 HAL Freemasonry History
The Bible Code Dresnin 200 DRE Religion
The Blood and Shroud Wil 200 WIL Religion
The Bold Magnificent Dream CATTON 973 CAT History Civil War
The Book of Fate Brad Metzer F MET Fiction 
The Book of God (Fiction) Walter Wangerin Jr. F. WAN Fiction Religion
The Book of Lies Brad Metzer F MET Fiction
The Book of Saints Rodney Castledon 282.092 CAS Religion Reference
The Book of Virtues William J Bennett 241.4 Ben Social Science 
The Bridge to Light Rex R Hutchens. SJSR  366.HUT Freemasonry SR
The Brother of Jesus Hershel Shanks 225.9 SHA Religion Christian 
The Brotherhood Stephen Knight 366.1 KNI Freemasonry
The Builders  Newton R. 366 M10 New Freemasonry 
The Bully Pulpit (T. Roosevelt) Goodman 92 ROO Bio T. Roosevelt 
The Butler Wil Haygood 92 B HAY Bio of Eugene Allen
The Canal Bridge  Tom Phelan F 823.9 PHE Fiction  Signed History WWI
The Cathers Martin 366 M10 MAR History Freemasonry
The Cave of John the Baptist Gibson 209/ Gib Rfeligion 
The Civil War Writings od Ambrose Bierce  Ambrose Bierse 813.4 BIE History Civil War
The Civilization of The Middle Ages Norman F. Cantor 940.1 CAN Middle Ages
The Collected Poems of W.B. Yeats Yeats (Edited by Richard J. Finneran 821.8 YEA Literature Poetry
The Count of The Monte Crtisto Alexander Dumas 944.04 DUM Classic Lit
The Cross and the Mask James DF. Snyder F SNY Spanish discovers America
The Defining Moment (FDR) Jonathan Alter 973.91 ALT FDR
The Dreams Book Yehuda Berg 205 BER Kabbalah
The Emergence of the Mystical Henry C. Clausen 366 M61 CLA Freemasonry
The Encyclopedia of Judaism Geoffrey Wigoder 269.03  WIG Judaism
The Essential Koran Cleary  R.200 Ess Religion Islam
The Essetial Zohar Rav P.S. Berg 296.1 Berg Religion 
The Ethics of Freemasonry MSA  366.11/ MSA Freemasonry
The Expected One Kathleen McGowan F McG Fiction
The Facts About George Washington as a Freemason JH Tutch 366 M10TUT Freemasonry History
The Facts About George Washington as A Freemason J Hugo Tatsch 366.1 TAT Freemasonry History
The First American The Life and Times of Bem Franklin H. W. Brands FRA  Brands 92 History Biography 
The First American The Life and Times of Bem Franklin H. W. Brands 973.3 BRA Franklin
The Five People You Meet In   Mitch Albom F 813.6 Alb Fiction
The Flag Ceremony Ray Rios (Compiled by) 355.1 RIO Compiled Ceremony
The Florida Keys John Viele 975.9 VIE Fl History
The Foundations of the Theology of Judaism Jacob Neusner 296.3 NEU VOL 1 Religion
The Freemasons Wallace 366/M10/Wal Freemasonry
The Freemasons Jasper Ridley 366.01 Ridley Freemasonry
The Garden of Good and Evil John Berendt 975.8 BER Hisatory
The Gospel of Judas Kasser, Meyer, Wurst 229.8 Kasser, Meyer , Wurst Religion
The Grand Lodge of Florida Vol 1,2,3,4,5 GLF 366 M05 GLF Freemasonry History
The Handy Space Answer Book Engelbert and Dupuis 520 DUP Science
The Harper Encyclopedia  of Military Biography Travor Depuy 355 DEP  History
The Hiddeden Whitehouse Robert Klara 975.3 KLA Whitehouse Reconstruction
The Hidden Jesus Donald Spota 232.9 SPO Religion 
The Hiram Key Thomas 366 M10 THO Freemasonry 
The Holacaust Museum Weinberg 900 WEI Judaism
The Initiatic Expereience  Herd 366 M14 HER Freemasonry Rites
The Inner Circle Brad Metzer F MET Fiction
The Jewish Book od Why Alfred J Kolatch 296.7 KOL Judaism
The Journals of Lewis and Clark Bernard Devoto 917.8 DEV Freemasonry History
The Joy of Yiddish Leo Rosten 422.23 Ros Judaism
The Kings Speech Mark Logue and Peter Conrade 940.8 LOG History
The Knights Templar Butler 366 M70 BUT Freemasonry Knights 
The Knights Templar Hodge 255.79HOD Freemasonry Knights 
The Landmarks of Freemasonry MSA  366.11 MSA Freemasonry
The Last Crusader (Christopher Columbus) George Grant 920 GRA Freemasonry History
The Last Days of Jesus OReilly 232.9 ORE Religion 
The Last Lion William Manchester 941.08 Man History Churchill
The Last Secret of the Temple Paul Sussman F 823.9 SUS Fiction
The Last Templar Khory F/ KHO Fiction 
The Legal Word Book Houghton Mifflin 340.1 HM Research
The Library of World Poetry William Cullen Bryant 808.1 BRY Literature
The Little Book of Freemasonry Duchanne 366 M14 DUC Freemasonry History
The Lost Books of the Bible William Hone 229 HON Religion 
The Lost Symbol  D. Brown  F/ Bro Fictin 
The Lost Treasure of The Knights Templar Steven Sora 971.6 SOR Templar (Oak Island)
The Magdalene Legacy Gardner 366M10 GAR Religion  Freemasonry
The Magic Flute UnVeiled Jacques Chailley 782.1 CHA History Mozart
The Magus of Freemasonry Tobias Churton 366 M 10 History Freemasonry 
The Masonic Initiate  A Guide to Light Bradrick A. Joyner 366 M 11 JOY Masonry Craft
The Masonic Myth   366/M10/Kin Freemasonry
The Masonic Textbook   366 M10  Freemasonry
The Meaning of Masonry  W.L. Wilmshurst 366 M 10 WIL Freemasonry
The Mens House Joseph F Newton 366.1 NEW Freeemasonry
The Men's House Joseph Fort Newton 366 M 61 NEW Freemasonry
The Moses Code James F. Twyman 299.9 TWY Religion 
The Moses Code James F. Twuman 299.9 TWY Religion
The Mystic tie Roberts 366/M10/Rob Freemasonry
The Newly Made Mason Haywood 366/M100 Hay Freemasonry
The Odyssey Homer 883 Hom Literature
The Oxford Book of Royal Anecdotes Elizabeth Longford 941. LON Reference
The Passing of the Armies Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain  973.7 CHA The Last Campaign of the Armies
The Pocket History of Freemasonry Pick 366/M10/Pic Freemasonry History
The Power of Kabbalah Yehuda Berg 299. BER Judaism
The Prophet Kahill Gibran 500 GIB Literature
The Pyramids of Egypt Edwards  932.32 EDW History
The Queen Mother The Official Bio William Shawcross 92 SHA History
The Rebels of Ireland Edward Rutherford F RUT Fiction
The Red Badge of Courage Stephen Crane F CRA Fiction
The Royal Arch  It's Hidden Meaning George Steinmetz 366 M10 STE York Rite
The Rule of 4 Caldwell 813 CAL Fiction
The Second Messiah Knight Lomas 366/M10 Kni Freemasonry Religion
The Secret Michael Berg 205 BER Kabbalah
The Secret Architecture of Washing Ovason 366 M52 OVA Freemasonry History
The Secret of the Widows Son David A. Schugarts 813.54 SCH Freemasonry 
The Secret Supper Javier Sierra 863.7 Sie Religion 
The Secret Symbol of the Dollar Bill Ovason 366/M13/Ova Freemasonry History
The Secrets of Hiram Abiff Heisner 366 M70 HEI Freemasonry History
The Shadow of Solomon Laurence Gardner 366.1 GAR Freemasonry
The Short talk Bulletins   Vol 1- 15 -1923 - 1937 MSA  366 M61.1 MSA Freemasonry History
The Short Talks Bulletins Vol 2 1938 -1952 MSA  366 M61.1 MSA Freemasonry History
The Sion Revelation Picknet and Prince 001.9 Pick Religion 
The Spirit of Freemasonry  William Hutchinson 366 M10 HUT Freemasonry
The Story of the Synagogue Levin & Kurband 296 Lev Judaism
The Sufferings of John Coustas McCleod MBS 366  M13 McC Freemasonry 
The Survival Group Handbook  (Signed by Author) C. Hogworth 613.6 HOG Technology
The Sword Of Lincoln Jeffreey D. Wert 973.7 WER History
The Templar Legacy Berry F BER Fiction  Templar
The Templar Revelation Picknett &Prince 270PIC Religion Templar
The Templar Salvation Khory F/ KHO Fiction Templar
The Temple and The Lodge Baigent 366/M10/Bai Freemasonry History
The Temple of Soloman James Wasserman 296.4 Wass Freemasonry
The Torah   R.200 Hol Judaism
The Trestle Board Masonic Book Club 1978 366 M 20 MAS  Book Club
The Trial of the Templars Sora 366/M14/Sor Freemasonry History
The Trial of the Templars Barber 345.44 BAR Freemasonry History
The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology Arthur Cottrell &Storm 398.2 Cot Literature Ancient
The Warriors and The Bankers  Butler &Defoe 366 M 14 BUT Templar History
The Way  (Kabbalah) Michael Berg 296.1 BER Kabbalah
The Way of the Explorer Dr. Edgar Mitchell 629.45 MIT  History Freemason
The Wind In The Willows Kenneth Grahame F 823 Gra FICTION
The World in Crisis Wnston Churchill Winston Churchill 940.3 CHU WWII
The Yearling Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings  F RAW Florida Author
The Youngest Templar (Keeper of the Grail) Michael P Spradlin F SPR Fictgion Templar
Their Eyes Were Watching God SNO 813.52 SNO Freemasonry History
Then Last Secret of The Temple Paul Sussman F 823.9 SUS Freemasonry History
Theodore Rex  Edmund Morris 973.91 MOR History
Ther Initiatic Experience HERD 366 M14 HER Freemasonry
Ther Meaning of Freemasonry MSA  366.11 MSA Freemasonry
Thesaurus Oxbridge R 400 OXB History Sm. Revolution
Thomas Jefferson The Art Of Power Meacham 973.4 MEA History
To Kill A Mockingbird Harper Lee F Lee Fiction
Traitor ( The Case of Benedict Arnold) Jean Fritz 973.3 FRI Freemasonry History
Treasure Island Robert louis Stevenson F STE Literature Classic
Treasures of Tutankhamun     History Ancient
Treasury of Jewish Quotations Leo Rosten 808.88 ROS Religion
Trestle Board MBC 366 M13 MBC History Freemasonry
Truman  D. McCulloch 92 TRU Bio Harry S. Truman
Twice Told Tales  LC Helms 366 M66 HEL Masonic Reader
Unbroken Hidebrand   Historical Fiction
Undaunted Courage S. Ambrose 917.8 AMB Bio Freemasonry
Valley Forge Newt Gingring and W. Forstchen F GIN/ FOR History 
Vested In Glory SR Teshner 366 M22 Tes Scottish Rite Research
Walking the Bible Bruce Feiler 915.6 FEI Religion
Washington and The Masonic Compass Haydn 366 M10 HAY Washington
Washington The Man the Mason   366/M16 Washington Freemasonry
Washington's Revolution Robert Middlekauff 973.3 MID History
Washington's Secret War Thomas Fleming 366 M10 FLE Washington Spy
Wasington the Great American Mason Lanier 366 M10 LAN Washington
Websters Dictionary                            Webster R 413 WEB Reference
West Palm Beach 1893 - 1950 Drake Marconi 975.3 DRA History Florida
When Jesus Became God Richard E Rubenstein 273.4 RUB Religion 
When Trumpets Call (T. Roosevelt) O Toole 92  ROO OTO Fiction 
White Fang Jack London F LON Lit Classic
Who Were The Celts Kevin Duffy 909.4 Duf History
William Shakespeare Plays Poem and Sonnets Shakespeare 822.3 SHA Literature
Williamsburg Before and After George Humphrey Yetter 975.5 YET History
Words of Love  Buck 811.5 BUC Literature 
Work In Progress  Michael Eisner  92. EIS Biography